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Saturday, October 07, 2006

7.10 meeting and tasks

-discussed the plan and squedual
-discussed th points of the meeting with dr.hisham
-discussed the presentation session
had a meeting with the trainer
we will make a final detailed action plan timeyable for the next phase(nermine- shamy)
we will make a presantation meeting points -wednesday 11.10-12 oclock(nermine-shamy-eng.ahmad-mirhan)
marwa will do the flyer
may accomplish the net till tuesday10.10
we all we will have a presentation session on
and friday13.10(1 oclok-3)


  • slamo 3likom
    good work nermine......
    w5las ya gma3a e7na keda d5lna felgad wmfeesh hzar men delw2ty falby5af ytl3 bara...... :)
    ely by5af ytla3 bara...... :)

    By Blogger mega, at 6:37 PM  

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