A 4 new elections

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


michael-1-go to matabe3 el miri in 7adara to getالائحة
2-get information about other departments(gadawel -ka3athom)
3-get information about the parties(when -what -how long-who will attend )
4-search of students from other depatment

may- 1-send me the word documents of the sites(on mail or on blog)
2-detailed search on(mada 79)

shamy- 1-send the summary documents of your search(on mail or blog)-ekteb kol 7aga men anhi site
2-get القضية papers or contact with the lawyer(to get el الائحة)
3-search on الكفالة الاجتماعية

marwa-1-work on the questionnaire
2-search hoe it s scientifacally done
3-search on الكفالة الاجتماعية
4-get the flyer from your sister

mido -1-search on net aboutالائحة
2-name and logo

3-search about the relation between nonprofil unions and politics

eng.ahmad-1-info about الائحة from dr.hisham
2-or from gam3a

nermine-1-go to 7ezb el 3'ad حزب الغد
sara and mirhan-think of the presentation and the preparation time(fleyrs)
bring your ideas in points....
sara -send me your search sites on word

thank you all .... any questions?
p.s if you wont be able to do your job post it to ask s.o else to do it.....(but it has to be done isa)
p.s dont forget to send me all your search word files plz...with the sites name on it


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