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Monday, September 11, 2006

sorry for not comming the meeting

salamo 3aleko
hi evry body how r u

firstly i want to appologize to all of u as i didn't come our 2nd meeting.
but actually i woke up late and it was very difficult 2 come.
i know that it's so sally of me ,but i'm realy so sorry it's not not my fault ...it's my alarm clock fault. so,be good and forgive me all.
secondly iwant 2 say that i'm realy so sad because my posts are not too mush but i'll try 2 be more active than now.
i think that the most of our group don't communicate alot and don't post their opinions or suggestions so,i'm just asking...........why we don't communicate enough?????
some members of us don't send any thing to our blog .
we need to be more active plz.
i'm sure we will do it .


  • your apology is accepted ya marwa ...wake up early tomorrow isa
    i also hope u ll be active
    and i think we dont communicate at all not we dnt communicate much

    By Blogger nermine, at 7:41 AM  

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