A 4 new elections

Saturday, September 16, 2006

16.9 meeting points

1-book of قانون تنظيم الجامعات و لائحته التنفيذية وفقا لاخر التعديلات
michael brought us the book
we will all read the chapter ofالاتحادات الطلابية so carefully
2-Presentation and Preparation
-we have 5 departments each with 5 years---so 23

we will post our opinions , suggestions and models...
also sites (if possible)
mysterious,with a mysterious logo(ex.?)
it should be hanged in all buildings

1 talk -contains
inroduction(who we are -what we want-why we do this)
subject-points from the book
quest. results
get their attention by all means..
2 papers (handed)
3poster (ex.with main points or only 1 sentence as refrence)
3-=tasks distibution


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